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The Year – 1951. A young man, MRR, in a young democracy set out to establish a liquor trading business which eventually became the largest liquor trading network in South India within a decade and caught the attention of Mr.Vittal Mallya, the owner of McDowell’s.

This led to a long partnership between the two men which eventually led the MRR family into establishing their first distillery in Madras in 1983 dedicated to the production of McDowell’s in TamilNadu.

While MRR and Vittal Mallya passed on, his three sons, “The MSRs” continued the family heritage and expanded distilling into Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Pondicherry and Goa producing exclusively for McDowell’s in continuing the long standing partnership.

The Year 2021 – In the Platinum Jubilee year of our business, the third generation of this family business bring to you “69 Years of Quality” under our recently launched Brandy and Rum under the “Enrica” brand name. We dedicate these to our forefathers who helped us reach these heights and look forward to the next “69 Years of Quality”!

We hope you will enjoy our “Enrica – 69 Years of Quality” products and travel with us for the next “69 Years of Quality”!

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